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Adult Fitness Programs

Fitness should be challenging, but we also believe it should be fun and exciting.

No matter what your personal goals are, the Plattsburgh YMCA has the right adult fitness program for you. Muscle toning, building endurance, core strengthening, balance and flexibility are all areas we can help you improve.

Group Cycling

Our indoor cycling program is appropriate for anyone looking to get in shape. Exercise at your own pace during this non-impact, cardiovascular workout led by trained instructors.

Morning Fitness (will reopen at a later date)

Burn fat and have fun as you step at your own intensity level. Members sometimes use resistive bands, body bars, resistive balls and hand weights as well.


By focusing on engaging the core, this class promotes lengthening and strengthening our body. You will develop stronger core muscles by using proper body alignment and breathing techniques, creating a stronger, more flexible you.


A series of simple, yet challenging stretches and postures, combined with proper breathing techniques, make this a great investment in your mind and body. Yoga adds flexibility, balance, strength and relaxation to your fitness program.


An invigorating hybrid of the body sculpting principles of ballet with elements of Yoga, Pilates, and Modern Dance. The class will blend precise isometric excercises with full range movements working large and small muscle groups.

Strength Train Together

A class that combines traditional strength training with a variety of movements to help you get and feel stronger.

Booty Bands

Resistance bands are perfect for working multiple muscle groups to get a challenging workout. Your muscles wll be fatigued faster, targeting the lower body by using hips, quads and hamstrings and lifting and rounding your butt by working the gletus maximus.


A class aimed to increase levels. Combing a cardio cycling workout with circuit training that varies with each class.


A fun and functional interval training (timed work/rest) class. The AM classes will focus on cardio and core training, the PM class will focus on cardio and strength.

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