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The YMCA has been operating before and after care programs since the 1960’s. We take pride in our programs being able to meet the need of our families and communities. Each program includes many different program components that meet the individual needs of the children we serve. Our programs include GREAT ROLE MODELS- our staff are able to help and give guidance on homework time. With our NEW COVID school schedules, this is an important part of our FULL DAY options so that families can continue to work and feel confident that your childs schools work and learning continues even when they are not “physically” in school. Please find below more specific information about our safety protocols as well as other key details.

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Covid Safety and Health Precautions

The Plattsburgh/ Malone YMCA has been operating COVID related child care program since March 23rd when this pandemic first hit our area. We take this issue seriously. We have also operated summer camp program throughout the 2020 summer and because of our protocols we have had not major concerns. BUT we never take that for granted. Each day our staff and directors ensure that our policies are being following. Here are some of the key policies and protocols that we will put in place for the 2020-2021 school year.

  • All children will be required to wear a mask- while this was not a practice before (as per CDC and DOH guidelines) we are making this change to keep on track with our school districts to keep consistency across the community.
  • All staff will wear masks.
  • If there is opportunity for socially distance outside play – masks will be optional for children. But whenever indoor, masks will be mandatory. (safe areas will be established indoors for “mask breaks” if needed)
  • Hand washing upon arrival, after hour and as needed.
  • Sanitizing will be practiced throughout program time.
  • Disinfection of surfaces will take place before and after each use.
  • Children temperatures will be taken at the start of program. If any temperature is above 100.4 the child will not be able to attend program- Parents should contact physician for guidance. Child can return symptom free after 48 hours and without fever reducing medication; if COVID test is required, then child can return after negative result
    • For AM (before care program) and Full Day program- child would not be able to attend of temperature or COVID related symptoms are detected
    • For PM (after care program)- child will be temperature checked at beginning of program. if temp is over 100 then child will be placed in quarantine area until parents arrive.
  • Parents will be asked to drop children off at entrance of programs (full day option or before care)- sign in and out will take place at entrance of program. IF a parent need to enter program all above protocols MUST be met.
  • BE SAFE AND SENSIBLE- We can only be successful as the community that we work with. So please take the protocols and policies as seriously as we do. When in program and out of program (evenings and weekends). If we as a community can follow these guidelines and recommendations, than we will all have a safe schools year.

Program Includes

Great Roles Models
All Covid Safety Protocols followed
Homework Guidance
Lunch & Snacks provided
Virtual School work Guidance                   
Wifi available at all locations
Arts and Crafts
Games and Fun

  • On days full days that your child is in our care, please provide them with a laptop device. Our will be able to assist them with joining their virtual classrooms/teacher and/or homework videos. We remind our families the importance of review your child’s schoolwork and homework to ensure that you are satisfied with what they are submitting.

Child Care Staff

Christina Santor is the Y’s Time After School Child Care Director. She administers all Before/After school programs, working closely with her staff, school administrators, parents and children. She started working at the Y in 2007, becoming the Director of School Age Child Care in 2013. In addition, all staff are screened for caring, friendly and nurturing personalities. They must meet specific qualifications and Y standards in order to work with our kids.


No Transportation as this time- further updates throughout the school year.

All Day Programs – these are days separate from the “normal” school calendar – holidays and vacation days

All Day programs are offered at the Plattsburgh YMCA during school holidays and vacations. The Y’s Time program runs from 6:45am to 5:45pm. The fee is $25 per child for Y’s participants, $30 for members and $45 for non-members.


Any child in need of medication should receive it at home or in school, if at all possible. The Y staff is not qualified to dispense medication.

Monthly Tuition

There is a $50 non-refundable fee to enroll in the program. We offer a 10% discount for siblings. Tuition due by the 1st of each month and a $50 late fee is applied if not paid on time.

Vacations and holidays are excluded from tuition and early dismissals are included (after school only). Snacks are included as well (for after school only). We accept subsidized day care payment.

2020 2021 Y’s Time Handbook Pricing and Program Options Click Here to Register

Child Care Centers

Our child care centers are located in these schools:

Before School Childcare

Bailey Avenue – 6:45-8:25 am
Beekmantown – 6:45-8:50 am
Cumberland Head – 6:45-8:50 am
Momot Elementary – 6:45-8:25 am
Peru Elementary – 6:45-9:05 am
Oak St. @ YMCA – 6:45-8:25 am

After School Childcare

Beekmantown – dismissal-5:30pm
Cumberland Head – dismissal-5:30pm
Peru Elementary – dismissal-5:30pm
Oak St. @ YMCA – dismissal-5:30pm
Bailey Avenue – dismissal-5:30pm
Momot Elementary – dismissal-5:30pm

Full Day Childcare                                         Location

Peru Elementary – 7:00-5:00 M-F                                     At Peru School
Oak St. @ YMCA – 7:00-5:00 M-F                                     Plattsburgh YMCA/Duken
Bailey Avenue – 7:00-5:00 M-F                                          Plattsburgh YMCA/Duken
Momot Elementary – 7:00-5:00 M-F                                Plattsburgh YMCA/Duken

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